Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Furniture knobs

My grandma and grandpa from my dad's side are making all of the nursery furniture for our little guy. (Except the crib, which my mom and dad are so graciously getting for us!) After a short visit with them a couple weeks ago of brainstorming and flipping through JC Penny catalogs for ideas, we found the perfect set to model ours after! Before we left we got to talking about what type of knobs to use and I decided to try to find some animal knobs to match the bedding!

An unsuccessful trip to Target, Menard's and Home Depot, I decided to do some checking on eBay. I hit the jackpot with that one!! I found a woman that hand paints knobs and even customizes them to match whatever you want! So I got in touch with her via email and sent her some pictures of our bedding. I received my knobs in the mail today and couldn't be happier! This woman was so fast and is so TALENTED! Here is the sample sheet she sent me...they are exactly like this! And perfectly match the animals on our bedding!

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