Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cutesy Tushies Diaper Cover - Review

Some of you might remember the plastic pants from the "old days" of cloth diapering.  You had a flat diaper, folded it up, pinned the sides, then pulled on the plain old white plastic pants.  We've come a long way baby!  The flat (prefold) diapers are still a tried and true, go to item for many cloth diapering families, ours being one.  Do I use them every day?  No.  Do I trust them?  YES!  Have they changed over the years?  Of course!

We have premium prefold diapers for Trevor, which run a little bigger and are pretty bulky, so I was worried the Cutesy Tushies Diaper Cover wouldn't fit over them.  I have used the prefold (not included) in two different ways with this cover and both ways worked great!  The first way is pictured below next to the diaper cover.  The diaper is tri-folded and I add a fleece liner for stay dry protection for baby.

The other way I use the prefold is to bring it around Trevor's bottom (again, putting the fleece liner in first) and secure it using a Snappi.  This is a great product that makes fastening diapers SO much easier and faster than pins!  It works similar to the hooks that come with an ace bandage.

Now that you're aware of different ways to use a prefold diaper, here is more information on the Cutesy Tushies Diaper Covers!

Our Trials:  We were given a Cutesy Tushies Medium Diaper Cover.  The cover has fleece on the outside (which is so adorable!) and a waterproof lining on the inside.  (Also available with cotton instead of fleece.)  I'll admit, I was leery about the fleece at first, but we have used it during naps as well as when Trevor is active and there has been no leaking or wicking at all!  It fits well and is roomy enough to use with a premium prefold, which runs a little bigger.  Since receiving my diaper cover to test, Michelle has also added the elastic casing around the legs and back of the diaper, which I think will make great additions to an already great product!

Type of Diaper:  Medium Diaper Cover with fleece out and waterproof in.
Sizes: Newborn - Up to 11 lbs.
Small - 9 to 20 lbs.
Medium - 18 to 30 lbs.
Large - 22 to 40 lbs.
Features: Generous fit to accommodate premium prefolds,  elastic casing around legs, laundry tabs to attach velcro for washing.  Diaper covers with prefolds are great because you do not need a lot of covers - if the cover isn't soiled, just take it off, wipe it down and add a new prefold!
Where to find it:  or email for custom orders or questions.
How much does it cost: These diaper covers are a steal!  A size medium is only $12.95!

Cutesy Tushies provided me a diaper cover free of charge.  Other than product, no compensation was given to me for this review.  All statements are my own and are my honest to goodness opinion!

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