Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bayou Classic ChickCAN Rack - Review

Josh and I purchased a Bayou Classic ChickCAN Rack at the end of the summer season about four years ago and finally decided to try it out while camping a few weeks ago. (I know, let's not rush into anything!)  I've never made a whole chicken before, so the whole process was new to us - including buying the chicken. The one I bought was a bit small for 4 adults and two small kids, but now I know for next time.  The good thing about the chicken I bought was it was all cleaned out and ready to go, all I had to do was rinse it.

The directions on the Bayou Classic ChickCAN Rack were very easy to follow. Taking the suggestion from Rick Browne's Beer Butt Chicken Recipe on the package, we seasoned the inside and outside of the chicken. Next step was drinking 1/2 the beer (best part of the whole process if you ask me!).  Ok, so the recipe said "pour out half," not "drink half," but I digress.  

I put the 1/2 can of beer in the rack and pulled the chicken over the can and stand, which kept the beer upright. I can't imagine the process of getting the can in the chicken and then making it stand upright on the grill without using a ChickCAN Rack to keep it in place.  Lastly, we used a red potato to block the neck so the moisture from the boiling chicken would remain inside the chicken. (You could also use a small onion instead.)

Since we were camping we didn't have a whole lot of spices available to us, so we kept it simple with Lawry's Seasoned Salt and some pepper.  I'm all about simple cooking, so after the success we had I'm thinking we'll use it again before another 4 years go by! There are directions included for the oven as well as a charcoal grill.  I think it would be fun to experiment with different beers or sodas, adding garlic and other spices to the beer, and using different rubs.

Pros:  Simple to use, easy to follow directions.

Cons:  NONE!  Both my husband and I loved this product!

Where to find it:  The Bayou Classic ChickCAN Rack is available in stainless steel (which is the type we used) from or nickel plated directly from the Bayou Classic website.

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It was delicious!