Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nature vs. Our Garden

Last summer we put in a very little garden bed just off our patio. It was really a science experiment for Tyler more than anything. We hoped if he saw his veggies growing he'd be more interested in trying them raw. (He has no problem eating most veggies cooked.)

This summer we had a slow start and planted our seeds a bit late.  None the less, we had great looking plants.  That is, until we looked on our patio one morning to see that we had visitors the night before!  Who'd have ever thought we'd need to worry about deer eating our plants in the middle of a subdivision?!  They got our garden as well as my hibiscus plant!  After that Josh decided to put his deer camera on the other side of our back yard by the apple tree and we caught her on video!

What is also amazing to me is how this deer could somehow spot the camera on the tree on the edge of the woods.  It seems like she is looking right at us - little stinker!  There's also a picture from one night that there were FIVE deer!  I guess they must be pretty smart since they have figured out where to go for easy food!

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