Thursday, September 02, 2010

Cutesy Tushies Pocket Diaper - Reivew

As I mentioned in my review for Monkey Balls Dryer Balls, I have been selected to be a tester for Cutesy Tushies cloth diapers.  Michelle gave me one of her handmade pocket diapers to test and review as well as an extra microfiber insert! 

(How cute is the Green Bay Packers fabric?! Not to mention the cute colors of the inserts instead of plain old white!)

Our Trials:  We were given a Medium Pocket Diaper with one microfiber insert, which is included in with every diaper.  Because I mentioned to Michelle that Trevor is a heavy wetter, she also gave me an extra insert.  Cutesy Tushies inserts are extremely absorbent, I just chose to put Trevor in two for peace of mind.  :-)  I think an average wetter would be able to use just one.  That's what's so great about pocket diapers, they are customizable for each child.  We didn't have ANY leaking or wicking with our Cutesy Tushies!  The unique design of this diaper also helps with that.  (see features section)

The inner layer of the diaper is made of fleece, which keeps baby's bum dry by wicking away the moisture from baby's skin.  I was surprised when I opened this diaper and found COLOR!  Michelle lined the diaper with matching yellow fleece!  (Available for some diapers upon request.)

The closure is velcro, which I found to be very sticky and easily adjusts to the size of your baby.  There are also laundry tabs on the inside of the diaper that the velcro can be folded onto during washing so everything in your load of wash doesn't stick to the velcro.  I personally prefer the velcro closures because we have a squirmy baby and they are much faster to fasten than snaps!

Type of Diaper: Pocket Diaper with microfiber insert
Sizes:  Newborn - Up to 11 lbs.
Small - 9 to 20 lbs.
Medium - 18 to 30 lbs.
Large - 22 to 40 lbs.
Features: Elastic casing around legs keeps fleece liner from rolling out.  The waterproof PUL and fabric combination design is unique, one I've never seen before and am now in love with! 
Where to find it: or email for custom orders or questions.
Packers print is custom order only and has limited availability.  Other teams also available upon request.  If she doesn't have it, she will get it!
How much does it cost:  These diapers are SO AFFORDABLE!!  A size medium with one microfiber insert is only $12.95!

Cutesy Tushies provided me a pocket diaper free of charge.  Other than product, no compensation was given to me for this review.  All statements are my own and are my honest to goodness opinion!

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